HRC racing Crawler Racer 40T brushed motor


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Her er en virkelig stærk motor til de hårde crawler opgaver. Motoren er i standard 540 størrelse.

The HRC Racing brushed motors matching the highest quality standards for brushed motors. We put all our know how into this motor to offer the best performance at best price. The motor is standard 540 sized and is compatible with most 10scale models. High efficient ceramic magnets as well as low restistance copper wire are used to make the is motor a racing machine. The head offers a slotted cooling elements to run cooler. The whole motor is rebuildable and can be easily cleaned. Brushes can be easily replaced. The motor comes with soldered cables and bullet connectors. Mount it and dominate the track!

HRC5631-19 – Motor 19t: 22’500 RPM
HRC5631-60 – Motor 60t: 7’900 RPM



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