HRC9372C – Battery Analyzer – 1~8S


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This HRC Battery Analyser is compatible with all kind of battery (LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, NiMH and NiCd). It also features a new servo test function.

It will allows you to check your battery in a very fast and easy way, by showing you all the information about the charging status of every single cell (LiXX) in the pack. It shows the voltage and capacity of the complete LiXX battery, with the actual level of charge displayed in percentage. It shows the total voltage of NiXX.

With the included balance function you will be able to maintain your battery. Just use the balance function before each charge to increase the performance of your batteries!

-1S to 8S balancer input via JST connector
– 1 to 8 cells NiXX input via JR connector, measures total voltage, no capacity measurement
-Measures overall voltage, remaining capacity, single cell voltage, lowest cell voltage, highest cell voltage and voltage difference between highest and lowest cell of LiXX
-Measures the total voltage of NiXX
-Datas are displayed on a large LCD display
-Integrated balance function
-Integrated servo test function
-With red backlight function

1s cell lipo batteries need: HRC9372B-1 or HRC9372B-2

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