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To create the Team Magic E5 HX, Team Magic had the idea to design a 1:8 Racing Monster Truck in miniature. The durability and power of a 1:8 Racing Monster was combined with the agility and acceleration as well as the fast handling of a 1:10 model. In addition, several new special features have been added.

The E5 HX is currently the fastest and most powerful 1:10 Racing Monster on the market. The front ram is equipped with three white and two red bright LEDs. The Team Magic E5 HX includes a beautifully molded Racing Monster body made of durable polycarbonate-Lexan to protect the internal components. Rugged 14mm wheel adapters help ensure high power transfer to the grippy K-Factory tires. This provides better handling characteristics and faster acceleration on all surfaces. Furthermore, an adjustable, sturdy wheelie bar (support wheel) is attached to the rear end of the model. For better wheelie control (wheelie = riding on two wheels), the Team Magic E5 HX features a ball bearing wheelie wheel. You will love it!

All plastic components are made of high quality fiber reinforced material which gives the Team Magic E5 HX more stability as well as less tweak (twisting) for better geometry and gear efficiency.

The front and rear sway bars are symmetrical, which reduces the cost of replacement parts. Driveshaft bones always get lost and have a high wear rate – that’s why the Team Magic E5 HX is equipped with quality CVD driveshafts up front. Right out of the box, the Team Magic E5 HX has adjustable right-left threads as well as an adjustable servo saver. To better absorb big jumps and bumps, the E5HX has large volume oil shocks as well as a long suspension. See the rear end – push it down!… here is an active toe-in which provides more control when landing and accelerating.

The Team Magic E5 HX chassis has a multi-connector plug which gives you the ability to change electronics faster. Less cable clutter in the model thanks to cable tunnel. Your 3-4s batteries are fixed by a quick change battery holder. A new dirt filter on the THOR controller protects the fan from dirt and water.

Team Magic has selected the best electronic components currently available on the market! A 15kg waterproof, metal driven SAVOX servo results in the highest precision in any situation. See – the waterproof receiver is in the waterproof receiver box. The 120Amp THOR speed controller and 3500kv 3660 THOR motor makes the Team Magic E5 HX a rocket ship. To tame that power and make the E5 HX even more rugged, the E5HX 1:8 features a steel gear module 1.0 and 5mm motor shaft.

Drive a rocket – choose the Team Magic E5 HX!

Technical data:

– Length 428mm
– Width 343mm
– Wheelbase 270mm
– Weight 2.7kg
– Tire dimension 5.1×3.25×2.75
– ESC waterproof 120A, 3-4s Lipo, XT90
– Motor 3660 brushless 3500kv
– gearing M1.0 steel gearbox
– Gearbox center shaft 4wd
– Big bore oil pressure shock absorber
– Dirt&water filter
– Transmitter 2.4ghz
– 15kg waterproof Savox servo w. Metal gearbox
– 4 Leds preinstalled
– Easy Access distribution board
– Quick change battery mount
– adjustable Wheelie Bar (support wheel)
– K-Factory tires
– MAX Speed 60km/h* @ 2s
– MAX Speed 85km/h* @ 3s
– MAX Speed 95km/h* @ 4s
*with optional parts

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